What is a Portal URL?

When you create a TypingClub School Edition account, you will choose a unique URL. Typically, your URL would follow this format http://school-name.typingclub.com. You can customize the “school-name” part of the URL to best fit your needs.

This domain name will always belong to you, and is where everyone associated with your account will sign in from. It is important to bookmark your Portal URL and to make sure it is accessible to your students. We highly recommend linking to this URL from your school’s website, where your students will be able to find it easily.

At first glance, having a custom sign-in URL for each account (Portal URL) may seem restrictive or confusing. There are two central reasons why having a custom Portal URL specific to your account is advantageous.

First, it gives you the freedom to assign simple usernames to your students that do not collide with other usernames in other accounts. For instance, if you were to add a student with the username “John”, but another school had already assigned that username, we would have to prevent you from using the same username. However, by using your Portal URL to sign in, it is easy to distinguish which “John” is signing in. Such common usernames can therefore be utilized by different accounts.

Second, the Portal URL allows you to customize the sign-in and sign-up experience of each student, as well as control who can access the software from your account. Some of these customization options are still in development, but please feel free to reach out to us for specific requests.

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