How to Set Up Classes

A class is any group of students who work on the same typing practice under similar circumstances. Most schools use this abstraction to match their actual school structure, with each class being led by a single instructor. However, there is nothing keeping you from being more creative, perhaps by enrolling all of your school's students to one class and allowing them to compete against each other. Or you could split a single class into multiple TypingClub "classes" with varying levels of difficulty.

Once your students sign in, classes assigned to them will show up on the right side of the screen as a list of activities. They must click on the class name on that side of the screen to get started.

Class Students vs. Account Students

NOTICE: When a student is uploaded to your account, he or she is not automatically enrolled in any classes. Likewise, just because a student exists in your main student management interface does not mean that he or she will have any activities to work on after signing in. You must first upload students to your account, and then enroll them in a class in order for them to start working on a lesson. Students can be enrolled in a class by following the steps below.

How to Enroll Students in Classes

There are two ways to assign students to an activity. You may upload a list yourself, or you may configure a class so that students can join it themselves.

Open Class Subscription

If you don't want to bother with enrolling students to each class, this option is for you. You can configure your class in a way that your students can decide for themselves which class to enroll in.

The important thing to remember is that all students who wish to be enrolled in your class must already exist in your account. Once each student is added to your portal and knows how to sign in, you should make your classes available for them to join. To do that, go to the Classes tab. Select your class, and click on "Edit Class." Change the option labeled "How should students join this class?" to "Any student in my account may join." Once this option is configured, instruct your students to sign in and look for a button on their homepage that says "More Activities." That will take them to a page with a list of all classes available, in this case the class you just configured. As soon as they click "Join," they'll be enrolled.

What if a Student Joins a Class by Mistake?

You are still in control of your student list for each class. If a student joins an incorrect class by mistake, you can remove him or her from your student list by going to the Classes tab, clicking "Student Enrollment", selecting the student you wish to remove from your list and clicking "Unsubscribe".

Manual Student Enrollment

If you wish to have full control over which classes students are assigned to, this option is for you. Once you add a class, go to the "Student Enrollment" tab, and enroll your students using one of the following options:

  • Add one new student: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". If you click "Add One Student", you'll be taken to a simple form that will simultaneously add a new student to your account, and enroll him or her in your class.

  • Add an existing student: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". If a student already exists in your account, click "Add Existing Student." A search box will appear where you can search for any student that already exists in your account and add him or her to the class.

  • Add many students - from the "Classes" tab: Go to the Classes tab, select your class and click "Student Enrollment". Click the "Add Many Students" button. From there, simply follow the instructions to import your students and choose the method that best suits your needs.

  • Add many students - from the "Students" tab: Go to the Students tab and choose the "Add Many Students" from the top navigation bar. The wizard will allow you to add multiple students and assign them to classes at the same time.

HINT: You can mix and match the two options above by assigning some students yourself and allowing the rest of the class to subscribe themselves.

Contact support: Configuring your class structure can be confusing. You can always email us a spreadsheet with a list of your students' information, along with the class that they need to be enrolled in. We will upload your list to your account.

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