Updated Typing Jungle

The release of May 2017 has brought many changes to the Typing Jungle lesson plan:

  • Three new games have been added to the lesson plan.
  • New sections called “Tricky Words” are designed to help students with spelling, homonyms, and commonly confused words.
  • New sections called “Common Patterns” have students type the most frequent letter combinations repeatedly to build their muscle memory.
  • The maximum speed goal has been lowered from 100 WPM to 75 WPM.

These changes have not been automatically applied! To bring in the updates, please follow the directions described below. If your Typing Jungle is:

  • Managed by EdClub: Go to the lesson plan section of your portal, open the lesson plan, and update it.
  • Managed by you: Personally managed copies of Typing Jungle can be updated too, however, keep in mind that by updating it you will lose customized lessons and progress made on them! You still have the option to install the new updated Typing Jungle from the “Lesson Plan Library” available in the “Lesson Plans” section of your portal.

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