Updated Reports

Both students and teachers can enjoy more advanced reporting tools to monitor their progress.

Students can view their progress in the “Stats” section of their accounts. Some of the updates include stats per lesson plan. Students can more easily track their practice time with a punch card and the practice calendar which includes the option to set the start day of the week. Students can easily identify their strongest and weakest points, and compare themselves to their peers.

Teachers and admins can find more reporting tools in the areas they’re relevant to:

  1. Classes: The “Overview” tab displays a number of reports relevant to class as a whole. Under each lesson plan tab, there is a new section titled “Stats” which shows class statistics per each lesson plan separately.
  2. Students: To view student stats, go to the “Students” section and choose a student. The “Overview” shows a number of performance metrics for the student to help teachers assess students’ overall typing performance.
  3. Schools: Go to “Schools” and choose a school. The “Overview” for each school offers a number of charts to help admins compare the performance of each school in the account.

Many reports are interactive. Take a look at the tips underneath each chart to get the most out of them.

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