Chrome Extension for Schools

The new EdClub chrome extension for schools will streamline the process of signing in to EdClub for your students. Once the extension is downloaded, your students will automatically be directed to the correct portal URL upon clicking the link, or will be able to easily locate the correct portal URL by entering your school’s name.

If you previously used the TypingClub chrome extension, you will need to delete the old extension in the Google App Store and install the new EdClub extension by clicking the link below.

This extension to EdClub will not be searchable publicly from the Google App Store. To install it, you must go to the following URL:

EdClub Extension

This new extension will guide your students through the process of finding your school’s portal URL and show them how to use it to sign in to EdClub.

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What is a Portal URL?

This is a unique URL that everyone associated with your school must sign in from.