Typing Jungle

Typing Jungle is a carefully designed new lesson plan containing over 650 lessons, games, videos, an improved design, and much more. This lesson plan dedicates more attention to each skill to master touch typing.

To try Typing Jungle, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install it.

Typing Jungle is available in the ‘Lesson Plans’ section of your portal. Click Install Typing Jungle to download it to your account. Once downloaded, Typing Jungle will appear as one of the available lesson plans.

Step 2: Assign it to class.

Click the Classes tab on the left side of the screen. Choose the class of interest, and select the “Lesson Plans” link to see the lesson plans assigned to this class.

Click the +Assign lesson Plan to this class button and you will see a list of lesson plans which can be assigned to the class. Select “Typing Jungle”, and click “Add Lesson Plans.”

Now your students can start working on the new and improved TypingClub!

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