Manage Account Data

To view and delete instructors, classes, and students added to your account in the past, you can use the “Manage Account Data” tool. First, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to click the “Manage Account Data” link.

Here, you can see the Class Data. If you hover over a bar on the graph, you will see it become highlighted. You can click on a quarter to see the number of classes created during that quarter, and to see the option to delete those classes. You can also highlight the entire year by hovering over the year number, or click to see the number of classes created and delete them.

The next section is the Student Data. Here you can also hover over a quarter, select one or multiple quarters to view and delete, or select the whole year.

Instructor Data is the last interactive chart, and it works the same as the previous two: highlight one or multiple columns and delete.

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