Lesson Plan Dependency

Lesson plan dependency is a great tool if you have multiple lesson plans assigned to a class, but want students to work in a certain order.

  • Option 1: Students can work on all lesson plans assigned to a class.

    Lesson plan dependency is set to “None” by default, which means that students can work on all lesson plans assigned to this class.

  • Option 2: Students must work on lesson plans in a set order.

    If you want to control the order in which students work on lessons, you can set one lesson plan to be dependent upon completion of another.

To set dependency, go to the Classes tab and select your class by clicking its name. Once inside the class, click the “Lesson Plans” link at the top. You will see a list of lesson plans assigned to the class. Dependency is set to “None” by default. If you click the “None” link, you will have the option to choose the lesson plan on which the current plan is dependent.

The dependent lesson plan will not appear on the student dashboard until they have finished the previous plan.


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