How to Start a New Year

NOTE: Before adding new classes, check your current default lesson plan. This is the lesson plan that will be assigned to all newly created classes. To find this, go to Lesson Plans and then Lesson Plan Settings.

Accounts with More than 3 Classes

  1. Upload an updated “instructors.csv” file. Include any new teachers and delete old ones using the "Action" column.
  2. Delete last year's classes. Go to the Classes tab, select out-of-date classes using the check box, and click 'Delete'.
  3. Make a .csv file for your classes including class IDs.
  4. Upload your "classes.csv" file to the "Data Import Tool" which can be found in the Settings tab of your Admin Dashboard.
  5. Delete students who have graduated. Go to the Students tab. Use the filters to view a list of students who graduated. Use the 'Select All' button and click 'Delete'.
  6. Create a "students.csv" file. Include all current students with their new class IDs and grades. Upload this file using the Data Import Tool.

Accounts with less than 3 Classes

  1. Clear your class rosters or delete outdated classes. Go to the Classes tab, select all classes, and click either 'Clear Roster' or 'Delete'. Create new classes as needed.
  2. Delete students who have graduated. Go to the Students tab. Use the filters to view the students who graduated. Click 'Select All' and then 'Delete'.
  3. Upload "student.csv" files. Create one .csv file for each class. Include the new grade for each student. These files can include existing students as well as new students. Go to the Students tab, click 'Update Many Students', and upload your file. Adjust column headers as needed and use the drop-down bar to select the correct class for your file.

Using Google Classroom

To start a new year with Google Classroom, delete your old classes and then import your new ones. Google Classroom will create the new classes, add any students that didn't already have an account, and pull in the existing students to that roster.

NOTE: Deleting classes will not remove student progress. Progress is attached to the student profile and the lesson plan they worked on.

You are now ready for a new school year with TypingClub! You should have all new classes uploaded, students enrolled in their correct class and grade level, and graduated students removed. If you need further assistance with uploading your files, please contact us at

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