Reassign the Same Lesson Plan for a New Year

If you want your students to work on the same lesson plan again, but want to preserve their previous attempts, you can use the following steps to create a duplicate of the lesson plan and assign it to your class.

  1. Go to the Lesson Plans tab and click "Duplicate" for the lesson plan you wish to reassign. Rename it so you know it's for the upcoming school year.
  2. Go to the class you wish to reassign it to. Click the "Lesson Plans" link.
  3. Click "+Assign Lesson Plan to Class" and choose the new lesson plan.
  4. Next to the old lesson plan, you will see the "Unassign" button. Click this to remove the old lesson plan from your students' dashboard.

Using this method, your student data from last year will still be available if you want to compare their attempts from year to year.

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