Student Sign Up Option

Rather than importing your students, you can allow them to sign themselves up with your account. You will still have full control over your students' progress on your student management interface.

Only account administrators can turn on this option. If you do not have administration rights, please speak with your account administrator to configure the account.

To allow your students to join your account, go to Settings from the main menu, and click "Student Sign Up Option". This page will allow you to configure who may sign up with your portal, and how they are validated.

HINT: There are various ways to limit who may sign up with your portal. This will prevent random visitors from signing up as a student. If you are not sure how to configure the limitation options, please contact support.

Once each student is added to your account and knows how to sign in, you should make your classes available for them to join, or manually enroll them. To learn more, please see the related article titled "How to Set Up Classes".

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