Our games function just like a lesson. They are integrated throughout the lesson plan. You can choose the text, set the goals, and even choose the number of points to be earned. Game attempts are recorded just like any other lesson.

When adding a new lesson, you can choose a game from the list of lesson types:

  • Balloon Valley

    This game focuses on individual characters. Students have three chances to get the ninja from one side of the valley to the other by typing each character correctly & quickly. If they don’t type the character in time, the balloon sinks to the bottom of the valley, the ninja loses a life, and reappears at the top of the screen.

  • Whack-a-Monster

    This game focuses on individual characters. Students must type the letter that appears on the basket in order to stop the monster from popping one of their balloons. If the monster pops all three balloons, the game ends.

  • Monster Attack

    This game focuses on full words. For each character a student types correctly, the ninja throws an object at the monster pushing him backwards. Students must type correctly & quickly enough to push the monster off the edge. If the monster manages to push the ninja off the edge, the game ends.

  • Bubble Burster

    This game focuses on full words. Bubbles containing creatures will appear from the bottom of the screen and float towards the top. Students must type the word above each bubble in order to pop it before it floats to the top of the screen. If 5 bubbles get past the ninja, the game ends.

  • Apple Thieves

    This game focuses on full words. Students must type the word that appears above each creature’s head in order to stop it from reaching the apples. If 5 creatures get past the ninja, the game ends. Students can then either retry the game, or give up and move on to the next lesson.

How to add a game to your lesson plan?

Please note that in order to edit a lesson plan, the lesson plan must be managed by you. EdClub managed copies of lesson plans can't be edited. Once you've taken ownership of the lesson plan, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Lesson Plans tab
  2. Open a lesson plan by clicking its name
  3. Go to the ‘Lessons’ tab within the lesson plan
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘+ Add a New Lesson’
  5. On the ‘Select Lesson Type’ screen, choose one of the games
  6. Customize the lesson’s text & requirements.
  7. Save the lesson before you leave the page

How to disable a game?

You can change a game into a standard typing lesson by choosing a different Lesson Display. To do this, go to the ‘Lessons’ tab within a lesson plan, locate the game and click its name to open it. Once you are editing the lesson, scroll down to the ‘Lesson Display’ section. Here, you can change the type of lesson:

Save the lesson, and you are all set.

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