Create a Test

Select the Typing Tests tab on the left side of the page and select the “+Add a Typing Test” button on the top.

Choose the name of the test, as well as a description of the test and click “Create & Customize Test.” Now you can set basic parameters such as whether students can fail the test due to low performance, the allowed range of dates for students to take the test, and the words per minute difficulty of the test.
As of November 2016, the "Print Certificates" option is turned on by default, but can be turned back off at any time.

Make sure to click “Update Options” before navigating to other tabs. If you would like to change the text that students must type, you can do so by selecting the Edit Text tab. The text field will be automatically populated with our default text, however, you are more than welcome to edit the default text, use a different text from the existing templates, or create a new test from scratch.

If you need to deactivate the test or to see general info about your test, use the Overview tab.

You have now finished creating your test! Next, you can assign students to take it.

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