Create a Lesson Plan

Start by selecting the Lesson Plans tab on the left side of the screen to see a list of your current lesson plans.

To create a custom lesson plan, it is advisable to create a duplicate of the existing "Typing Jungle". You are welcome to create a new lesson plan from scratch, however, our experience has taught us that that editing is easier than creating.

To create a new lesson plan, click the “Add Lesson Plan” tab on the top. The first page will ask you to enter the basic information about your lesson plan, such as name, description, language, type of keyboard, grade range, and skill level. The next page will show you an empty screen where you can add lessons to your lesson plan.

Select the preferred typing engine for the lesson. Then fill in information about the lesson and create the actual text your students will be typing. Here you can set the difficulty of the lesson based on minimum accuracy, minimum speed, words per minute goals, and maximum points awarded. The boxes for alternative text are there for you to enter different text for students to type as they repeat lessons to achieve the maximum points.

When you click “Save Lesson,” you will be taken back to the Lessons tab, where you can see your newly created lesson. You can also organize your lessons into units or sections, by clicking “+Add a new section header,” and then using the arrows to move the lessons up and down under the section header.

Once the lesson plan is created, simply go ahead and assign it to your class.

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