Move Students Up One Grade

Now that your students have finished a year of TypingClub, it is time to move them and their progress along to the next grade. This is easily accomplished by uploading an updated .csv file.

You can export a .csv file of students currently in your account by going to the Students tab on the left side of the page. You will see your list of students in the account, as well as a few filters on the top of the student list. Filter for the grade you wish to change, and click the “Export CSV” button to download the .csv file for the desired grade.

Once you have downloaded the file, go to the spreadsheet and enter the new grade for all students. You can also add new students to this list to upload them to your account. Then click the Update Many Students tab, and you will see information about what you can include in your .csv file. Click “Next Step” for more info, and then click “Next Step” again.

Here you can browse to find your .csv file, and click “Next step” again to upload the file. You will see your list of students and headings for each column. You can change these headings if they are incorrect. If all these students go to the same class, you can enroll them in a class on the bottom of this page. Otherwise, simply click “Finalize Import”.

You will see that any new info you included in the .csv file is now reflected in the system under each student!

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