Add Many Students

If you need to add many students to your account, you can use the "Add Many Students" option under the Students tab. Here you can find instructions on how to format a .csv file containing your students’ names and some identifying information.

Click “Next Step” to get more information on how to create a .csv file, and click “Next Step” again to see the page where you will upload your .csv file. To upload your .csv file, click “Choose File” and select the .csv file containing the properly formatted list of your students and their information.

Click “Next” to upload your file and to preview your downloaded list. Our handy wizard will show several rows of your file along with column headings, so that you can double check that they are uploading correctly. If you have imported a single class, you may assign the entirety of these students to a class you have already created. This is optional, and all students can be enrolled in classes later.

If you are a district administrator and you have added schools to your account, you can choose a school for the students here. Click “Finalize Import” to finish the “Add Many Students” process. You will now see all of the students from your csv file appear under the Students tab.

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