How to Create Lesson Plans

Teachers who use TypingClub School Edition have the ability to create and edit their own lesson plans.

A lesson plan is a collection of lessons you see when students start using TypingClub. Everything about the lessons, including text, score system, use of backspace, and speed requirements is configurable in this interface. You can use our default lesson plan, you can edit it to match your personal preferences, or you can build a new lesson plan from scratch.

The Default Lesson Plan

Start by clicking the Lesson Plans tab. You should see the title "Typing Basics", which is the default lesson plan installed automatically in TypingClub. The first lesson instructs students to practice typing the [J] and [F] keys. These two keys are the foundation of touch typing (notice your keyboard has bumps on those letters). Each subsequent lesson introduces students to new letters, the [Shift] key, numbers, symbols, and motivates students to increase typing accuracy and speed.

Customizing Lesson Plans

If you decide to use our default lesson plan but want to edit certain preferences, we recommend creating a duplicate of the lesson plan before making changes. That way you can go back to the default settings if something goes wrong. Do this by clicking "Duplicate" on the right side of the window.

Everything about a lesson plan is customizable. To change features for all students who use your lesson plan, click "Lessons" and then click on the specific lesson you want to modify. You will see that you have the power to edit the lesson name, the text that students type, and grading requirements such as the speed goal, minimum accuracy, and minimum WPM. If, alternatively, you prefer to alter settings for individual students, please follow the instructions in the "Adjusting difficulty" section below.

Creating Your Own Lesson Plan

You have the option to build a lesson plan completely from scratch. You name each lesson, decide what text students will type, set the grading requirements, and design your own difficulty settings. If you finish building a custom lesson plan and want to share it with other teachers, you can upload it to the lesson plan marketplace. Likewise, you can download lesson plans created by other teachers.

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