Instructors have the ability to award certificates to students who either finish a test or meet a passing requirement for a test.

Option 1

Everyone who completes an attempt on the test will both pass and be issued a certificate. This is useful if you are doing a placement test that doesn’t have passing requirements.

An easy way to check if your certificates are turned on is to see if you have a tab titled “Print Certificates” on the test management page:

Option 2

Students must meet the passing requirements in order to be issued a certificate. The passing requirements can be customized. Please note that certificates cannot be issued retroactively.


As of November 2016, certificates are issued by default. If you created a test prior to November 2016, your certificates might not be turned on. You can edit your preferences by going to “Typing Tests”, and clicking the “Edit Options” tab on the top. Among some other customizable settings, this page allows you to see if the “Certificates of Achievement” option is checked.

NOTE: Issuing certificates retroactively is not possible. Always remember to check the settings before your students take a test. Whenever you make changes, do not forget to click “Update Options” on the bottom of the page.