Advanced Reporting

If you have a subscription to TypingClub School Edition, you will have access to advanced reporting tools that break down your students' time spent practicing. This is especially useful if you prefer to grade students according to how much time they spend practicing their typing.

Class Performance Reports

Weekly Time Report and Daily Time Report

To see how much time your students spend practicing on a daily or weekly basis, you can use the Weekly Time Report or the Daily Time Report. Both reports generate a comprehensive list of the students in your class and show how much time each student spent practicing in a given time frame. To access these reports, go to the Classes tab, select your class, and click "Reports" on the top navigation bar. Here you can find individualized reporting tools and a printer-friendly student activity report.

Activity Summary Report

To see a summary of your class performance as a whole in a selected time frame, you can use the Activity Summary Report. This reporting tool shows class-wide metrics such as the average speed and accuracy of the students in your class, students' collective time spent practicing and much more. Similarly, this report is accessible by going to Classes tab, selecting your class, and clicking "Reports" on the top navigation bar.

How to Access These Features

Go to the Classes tab. Click on your class. Click on “Reports.”

School Performance Reports

Monthly Breakdown

This reports include a monthly breakdown of overall school performance including: practice time, number of attempts, number of active students & classes, stats per student and class.

Per School and Per Class

These reports provide the same information as the monthly breakdown, but you can set a date range.

How can I see which specific lessons students are working on?

Go to the Students tab on the left side of the screen, and click on the name of the student whose progress you would like to check.

Click the Attempt History tab on the top. You will see a detailed spreadsheet that shows your student's work in TypingClub, including which specific lessons the student has worked on. If you click the blue "Export All Attempts" button, you will be able to download the spreadsheet in a printer-friendly format.

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