An overview of TypingClub School Edition, how to get started, customize, manage students, and more.


The following covers a range of topics to help manage your TypingClub School Edition account. If you did not find the answer to your questions, please email us with your questions at support@typingclub.com.

You may also use these two PDF documents for TypingClub's teacher guide and admin guide:

(NEW) Typing Jungle Handbook

TypingClub Teacher Handbook

Typing Jungle Lesson Plan Progress Tracker

Student View


Students can earn badges to keep them motivated.

Virtual Hands and Keyboard

Learn the correct finger placement using these interactive features.

One-Hand Typing Guides

Virtual hand guides can now be set to just left or right hand.

Log-In Help

Having trouble logging in? Try following these steps.

Score and Star Calculation

The score for each attempt is calculated based on the attempt's speed (WPM), accuracy, and true-accuracy.

Account Administration

Anchoring Lessons

Ensure students are using the correct typing technique with anchoring lessons.

Typing Tests

Prepare your students for standardized tests like the Common Core.


Learn about the scoreboard and keep your students motivated.

Google Single Sign-On

Use Google email addresses to log in.

Advanced Reporting

Run reports on the use of the program on district, school, class and student level.

Lesson Plan Dependency

Manage the order students work on lessons in a class with multiple lesson plans.

Student Sign Up Option

Allow students to add themselves to your account.

Keyboarding and Common Core

Help your students meet and exceed the Common Core Standards.

Change Instructor Permissions

How to change instructor permissions.

What is a Portal URL?

This is a unique URL that everyone associated with your school must sign in from.

Disable Jumping Ahead

Make sure your students complete the lessons in the right order.

Manage Account Data

Use this feature to delete students, instructors and classes in bulk.

How to Enroll Students

Before your students can start typing, you must enroll them in a class.

How to Set Up Classes

Learn the easiest way to create and customize your classes.

How to Request Support

Contact us. We are here to help!

Add a School Administrator

How to give an instructor school administrator permissions.

Chrome Extension for Schools

Access your TypingClub school portal through EdClub extension.


Learn more about our instructional videos.

How to Create Lesson Plans

You can edit existing lessons, or you can create your own.


Learn more about typing test certificates.

Billing Information

View your billing history, generate an instant quote, and purchase licenses on the spot.

Students Have No Lessons

Enrolling students in a class will assign them a lesson plan.

Adjust Firewall Permissions

Add these URLs to your school's allowed sites to view the full TypingClub content.

Account Set-up

Add Many Classes

Create a .csv file with classes for bulk upload.

Typing Jungle

Learn how to install & assign Typing Jungle.

Google Classroom

Easily import your students & rosters from Google Classroom.

How to Start a New Year

Learn what to do at the beginning of a new school year.

Adjust Lesson Difficulty per Student

Use this option to customize lessons to different skill levels within a class.

Add Many Instructors

Upload all of your teachers in bulk.

Create a Lesson Plan

Create your own customized lesson plan for a class of students.

Change Your Password

How to reset your password.

Add a Class

How to add individual classes.

Add Many Students

To add many students, upload a .csv file with their information.

Log in to Instructor Account

How instructors can access their TypingClub account.

Add a Student

Learn how to add your students one by one.

Remove Students From Your Account

Learn how to get rid of redundant student accounts.

Export Your Students to a .csv

Export your students to a .csv file so you can add/update information as needed.

Allow Students to Join Class

Instead of assigning students to classes, open the classes for students to join.

Move Students Up One Grade

Update the grade designation for students at the beginning of a new school year.

Reassign the Same Lesson Plan for a New Year

You can reassign the same lesson plan to a new class using these steps.

Adjust the Difficulty of a Lesson Plan

Adjust the WPM goal of a lesson plan for an entire class.

Add Many Schools

Learn how to easily set up your district account.

10 Minute Intro Video

This video will provide you with a quick overview of both the student and teacher experience of TypingClub School Edition.

How to Create a TypingClub Account

How to get started using TypingClub with your school-create an account.

Student Management

Assign a Group of Lessons

Limit which lessons your students can work on from a given lesson plan by assigning a specific range of lessons.

Assign Tests to Students

Once you have created a test, you can assign students to take it.

Move Student to Another School

How to move a student to another school within an account.

Change Student Information

Learn how to change students' personal information such as email, username, or password.

Assign a Lesson Plan to a Class

Once you have created a class, you can assign a lesson plan to that class.

Generate Login Instructions

Create a PDF of student login instructions on a per-class basis.

Class Progress Overview

Get a quick overview on how well your class is progressing.

Create a Test

Create custom tests to challenge your students and check their progress.

2017 Updates

Dvorak Typing

Learn how to assign lesson plan for Dvorak typing.

Spanish Typing

Learn the steps to take to start typing in Spanish.

One-Hand Typing

Discover the steps to take when typing with one hand.

Font Size

Students can adjust their lesson font size, including the extra large accessible font.

Voice Over

Learn how to operate the voice narration feature.

Updated Reports

Discover all the places that show the new advanced reports.


Engage your students with our 5 educational games!

Updated Typing Jungle

Learn more about the improvements made in Typing Jungle.