Learn dvorak typing for free.

Dvorak keyboard layout is considered to be the most efficient way to type. It allows us to type faster due to strategic position of the most commonly used keys. With TypingClub, you can learn Dvorak in a fun and effective way.

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How does it work?

The program will encourage you to keep practicing each lesson until you get all 5 stars. Practice for a few minutes every day and you’ll soon become a pro!

Do I need an account?

Signing up for an account is optional. Having your own account allows you to save your progress and keep track of your typing performance.

It's a game. An engaging and interactive experience while you learn the Dvorak typing system.

Typing playback. You can view your performance and even play back your past attempts.

Levels, badges, and stars. Motivational tools are there to keep you going and build your muscle memory.

Proper hand posture guide. You're given live visual guidance on the correct finger placement as you type.

Interactive experience. Typing games, videos, and different typing experiences make learning Dvorak fun.

Voice over. Audio narration can be turned on to give you audio guidance on how to type each word.


Games, videos, basic reports, colorful themes, badges, and accessibility features are all available on basic free accounts.

Games, videos, basic reports, colorful themes, badges, and accessibility features

always free


no credit card, no signup required


Premium accounts get everything you get with a free account, plus more games, advanced reporting tools, more themes, attempt replay, and our original animated story typing. Premium edition is completely ad-free, and you get access to all lesson plans available on TypingClub. Every plan starts with a free 3-day trial. Cancel anytime.


$8 .50

billed monthly


$78 .00

billed annually